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In a Time of Crisis, a Panicked Nation Comes Together to Watch Nu-Metal Band Trapt Melt Down on Twitter

Truly, we are all Trapt.

Do you remember early aughts nu-metal band Trapt? Of course you do. They were on your high school wrestling team playlists and probably an x-treme yogurt commercial or two. You’ve almost certainly heard their 2002 hit single “Headstrong.”

It’s what the band was best known for—until today. But now, after sending out roughly 900 tweets in 48 hours (which accounts for one-fifth of their total tweet output) , Trapt will be remembered first and foremost for an absolutely spectacular Twitter meltdown the likes of which we haven’t seen since Smash Mouth. As far as I can tell, the tirade began when they responded to tweets from civil rights activist Talbert Swan and noted Chris Chris Evans

You can see where this is going.

Of course, no one should have to wade through Trapt’s entire two-day output, so join me as we attempt to go through some of the highlights of a pro-Trump, anti-victim-mentality tantrum from the poor man’s Drowning Pool. Because if anything can heal our fractured nation in this time of great uncertainty, it’s watching Trapt absolutely lose it.

While the band clearly has an interest in a variety of subjects, a few patterns did begin to emerge. A continued war on shoulder chips, for one.

Did you know that Trapt has 2 million Spotify and 2.6 million Pandora listeners? You do now!

Nothing, however, gets Trapt quite as fired up as railing against the victim mentality and virtue signaling of our modern era.


In the process of writing this post, Trapt sent roughly 150 additional tweets with no apparent plan to slow down any time soon.

We wish them the best of luck.