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Elizabeth Warren Drops Out

Elizabeth Warren looking down
Elizabeth Warren waits backstage before a rally in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will announce on Thursday that she is suspending her presidential campaign, according to the New York Times.

Warren pitched herself as a unifier with plans, an experienced candidate with fleshed-out policy positions meant to appeal to educated progressives. She was briefly considered the front-runner in the field but lost all momentum after a poor showing in the earliest caucuses and primaries. She picked up only a small number of delegates on Super Tuesday and failed to win her home state of Massachusetts, apparently cementing her fate.


Warren’s announcement comes a day after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the end of his own campaign. Warren had, in the past weeks, singled out Bloomberg for attack, using her time on the debate stage to question his qualifications and remind the public of the numerous sexual harassment allegations against him.

Warren’s departure from the field will be welcomed as good news from Sanders supporters, as Sanders will now have full dominance over the progressive portion of the electorate. Supporters will now be looking to see if Warren, who has often acknowledged her ideological alignment with Sanders, will endorse another candidate.