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Precinct Secretary Gets Hung Up on Thanks to CNN

Wolf Blitzer once again instills chaos.

The Iowa caucus has been a mess. The app that precinct captains were supposed to use to send in caucus results is apparently experiencing a number of technical difficulties. The phone line to the Iowa Democratic Party, too, is experiencing technical difficulties. And now, thanks to Wolf Blitzer, one poor soul who actually did manage to reach someone got hung up on for not answering fast enough.

In the above clip, our dear friend Wolf is speaking to a precinct secretary who, at that point, had been on hold trying to reach the state party for an hour. His voice is despondent. He grows increasingly hopeless as the world darkens around him. And then, finally, a woman takes him off hold.

The precinct secretary tells Wolf he needs to go. His time has come. As the woman on the other end repeatedly asks, “Hello?”, Wolf cuts in to ask if he can listen along. But just underneath Wolf’s yammering, the faint click of a receiver can be heard. It’s too late. The woman is gone, and the man must begin the entire process again.

“So frustrating indeed,” says Wolf. So frustrating indeed.