The Angle

The Angle: The Hurried Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on impeachment, hairy mermen, privatized forever war, and Amazon in India.

Classic! As the Senate trial rolls on, our president, who is being impeached for myriad offenses, is now committing, yet again, some of those same offenses that put him in this situation in the first place. Dahlia Lithwick points out each new Trumpy tactic bit by bit. Meanwhile, Jeremy Stahl wonders about two somewhat aggressive comments that were recently reported and attributed to White House officials.

Complex: Even people who are aware of the U.S. military’s vast presence throughout the world don’t necessarily know how much this foothold depends on contractors—and how many of these contractors die, or how many crimes they commit, with little to no media coverage. Joshua Keating explains the corporate aspects of forever war.


Majesty: Hairy, potbellied mermen are taking the Canadian coast by storm, reinventing Newfoundland’s maritime culture and challenging the local, traditional ideas of manhood. Brian Barth has the story, and photographs.

Drive: Maybe you saw the Twitter video Jeff Bezos posted of the Amazon-branded electric rickshaws he’s rolling out in India as part of his company’s #ClimatePledge. Can Bezos really help one of the most heavily polluting nations in the world tamp down emissions this way? Chloe Hadavas unpacks the spectacle.

For fun: Was the hero dog subject of Disney’s Togo really such a good boy?

Balto also makes a cameo in the movie!