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The Angle: The Buggers Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Trump court cases, Australia’s bushfires, South Bend’s mayor, and Jeopardy!

Courtship: Our president is embroiled in multiple lawsuits, some of which have made it to federal courts and even the Supreme Court. Yet cases that seem of the utmost importance for our democracy—regarding Trump’s financial records, congressional subpoenas, and more—have either made it sloooowly through the judicial system or just generally been punted by high courts. It’s not that justice has to be sluggish (remember how quickly Bush v. Gore was litigated), so what explains the courts’ special treatment of Trump? Barry Friedman and Dahlia Lithwick examine the likely sinister intentions behind this stonewalling.

Blazes down under: As you’ve likely heard, Australia has been blanketed by devastating bushfires, which have so far killed more than two dozen people as well as millions of animals. It didn’t have to be this way—as Rachel Withers writes, Australia’s government was warned time and time again of what was to come. So why didn’t its leaders take sufficient action?

Mueller report: As of earlier this month, Mayor Pete no longer holds that title. His successor is a fellow 37-year-old named James Mueller, who previously worked for a Washington think tank and served as Buttigieg’s mayoral chief of staff. So, what can the new guy do for the city that Buttigieg couldn’t? Julia Craven talked to some folks around town to find out.

The games we play: The Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament has been more of a tight scrap than expected. James Holzhauer was the favorite going in, but Ken Jennings is proving a formidable opponent right now, in part by incorporating Holzhauer’s superior gameplay strategy. So who will ultimately win??? Jeremy Samuel Faust analyzes the field.

For fun: The British press is LOSING ITS MARBLES over Harry and Meghan.

(I don’t understand why you all love the royals so much, but please enjoy),