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The Angle: The Dueling Popes Edition

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Too many popes: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI vowed to live “hidden from the world” after he resigned in 2013. But in a new book, Benedict appears to undermine his successor, Pope Francis, by taking a hard line on maintaining the rule of priestly celibacy—at a moment when Francis is openly considering loosening it. Ruth Graham delves into the latest drama in the Catholic Church.

Yes men: The stakes for this year’s worldwide threats briefing to Congress are especially high amid renewed tensions with Iran. That’s why intelligence agencies are trying to get out of the public portion of the briefing: They don’t want to be seen disagreeing with President Donald Trump. Fred Kaplan explains the “growing tendency, on the part of federal agencies, to bow to his will.”

Attack and defense: The Trump administration is upping the pressure on Apple to weaken its encryption to give the FBI full access to iPhones, with Attorney General William Barr publicly criticizing the company on Monday. Aaron Mak explains the security concerns and why Apple would rather have the FBI hack into its devices than build in a back door itself.

Swoon: Weathering With You—Makoto Shinkai’s follow-up to Your Name, the most successful anime of all time—is a climate change parable tailor-made for emo teens, so that’s how Dan Kois watched it: with “a gaggle of teens.” Read his dispatch on the film, which opens in the U.S. this week.

For fun: Sorry, Greta Gerwig. Amy still sucks.

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