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Karen Pence Displays Teeth for Photo

Happy National Hat Day from our second lady, who is doing great.

A screenshot of a tweet from Karen Pence, featuring a photo of her wearing a red MAGA hat.

With so much going on these days—the 2020 primaries, impeachment, impending global doom—it can be easy to lose track of some of the less boisterous figures in the national political scene. Figures, for instance, like second lady Karen Pence. Let’s see what Mother’s been up to, shall we?

What fun! On National Hat Day, we celebrate all kinds of relationships between hats and heads, from the curled and battered ball cap of someone’s favorite team, worn like a second scalp, to the hat still flat and stiff from the factory, floating demurely above the undisturbed hair like a halo, but in no way implying any precariousness of devotion.

The top of Karen Pence's face is seen, with focus on the MAGA hat she's wearing.

And this is certainly the warm, heartfelt smile of a woman who is definitely wearing a hat, which she loves, entirely by choice.

A zoomed-in shot of Karen Pence's smiling face.

A great day to wear this hat!