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The Angle: Apocalyptic Bingo Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Iran, Uncanny Valley, and Australia.

Today in Iran: So Tuesday night was pretty busy. Iran fired some missiles at bases hosting U.S. service members in Iraq. (What does that mean, exactly?) Also, a plane crashed, and Aaron Mak has more on what we know regarding that. To cap it off, fake news might’ve headed off an actual war. Don’t worry: This isn’t even close to being over.

In or out? The new memoir Uncanny Valley, by Anna Wiener, explores the almost-unreality of working in Silicon Valley. In her review, Laura Miller says, “What Wiener excels at is not argument or analysis—the articulation of deep patterns or historical shifts in power and attention—but the texture of life for people in a particular and pivotal time and place.” Counter that with Dan Kois’ look at Wiener’s “elegant elision” in describing proper nouns.

“Some heroes wear nothing”: Heather Schwedel writes that women are using nude photos to raise money for relief efforts for the Australian wildfires. How did this intersection of NSFW and charity happen?

For fun: Is the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament even fun to watch?

It snowed but it’s gone now,