The Slatest


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren end the debate on tense terms.

Because every one of us is apparently being punished for some grievous sin committed in a past life, it only stands to reason that a primary debate would fall right in the middle of one of the more excruciating election feuds thus far. And because we are so cursed, we all must bear witness to the tense interaction between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren above.

Apart from a brief middebate spat during which the senators were asked to relitigate their 2018 meeting, the two mostly stayed out of each other’s ways, or even supported each other. But as the night came to a close, and Sanders went to shake Warren’s hand, she looked straight past it to stare him in the face, launching a short, seemingly tense exchange of words between the two. I, however, cannot read lips. Can you? Do you know why Mom and Dad are fighting? Please let us know.