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The Angle: Impeachment Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on impeachment, the death penalty, and the Grammys.

Impeachment: Two days in, the impeachment hearings are devolving into a cognitive stalemate as two sides pitch two very different “investigations” to a confused public. It’s all going to go down in a no-holds-barred messaging war, Dahlia Lithwick predicts, until everyone is numb to whatever’s going on and the whole thing ends with an unsatisfying fizzle.

Warren-isms: Democratic contender Elizabeth Warren, like other progressive candidates, opposes the death penalty in favor of life in prison without parole. But that’s not much of an alternative, Ben Miller and Daniel Harawa write. Life without parole is prohibitively expensive, doesn’t deter crime, and is applied in a racially imbalanced way. Most of all, it’s cruel. If the default answer to “what should replace the death penalty?” is to be imprisoned until death, then we need to keep working for a better one.

Oh, Grammy: With less than a week until this year’s event, the Grammys have been plunged into a messy legal and public relations battle with its own former CEO. Deborah Dugan says she was pushed out of her role after alleging a damning slate of misdeeds by the Recording Academy, including rape by a former CEO. Matthew Dessem compiles everything we already know about the situation.

For fun: This man lives in a house with six brothers. He’s having sex with two of them. What a story!

It’s not over yet,