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The Angle: The Wuditlooklike Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on identity politics, Megxit, women running for president, and Wag the Dog.

Vote for me in D.C.: Throughout the primary, as voters have considered the most diverse Democratic candidate field in history, something that hasn’t quite lined up is the supposed identity coalitions: Gay voters are not all going for Pete Buttigieg; black voters did not go for Kamala Harris; older voters are not liking the older candidates. Pundits are surprised by this, but this surprise betrays a narrow view of how the electorate views its leaders, and how “minority groups” vote. Christina Cauterucci breaks down the real role identity is playing in 2020.

Mrs. President: The recent spat between the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren was based on yet another rehash of the age-old question of whether a woman can be elected president of the United States of America. But what do people really mean when they ask this question? Why do people keep asking it? Lili Loofbourow digs into this frustration.

Megxit: British tabloids are still losing it over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from royal duties, so Rachelle Hampton read through them and picked out the wildest quotes that alleged royal “insiders” have given to the press about the situation. And if you were wondering what would happen if Markle returned to her acting career, Ruth Graham talked to some casting professionals about what doors may open for the duchess.

Side to side: Trump’s recent gambit in Iran has many comparing his reckless venture to the scenario of the classic comedy Wag the Dog, in which a Hollywood producer helps the U.S. president contrive a national security crisis in order to distract from a domestic scandal. But it’s a sign of how thoroughly times have changed that the horrifying scenario in Wag the Dog almost seems like a comfort compared with what we’re going through now, Joshua Keating writes.

For fun: Jeopardy!’s executive producer takes us behind the scenes of the Greatest of All Time Tournament.

What other ’90s political films should we revisit? Bulworth? First Kid? Dave?