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Gram-Gram: The Grammys have become so awful and out of touch that even the winners seem not to desire them anymore, according to Carl Wilson. But if you missed the ceremony and are still somehow curious, check out the complete list of winners, Lil Nas X’s star-studded “Old Town Road” performance, and Nick Jonas’ teeth.


Booked: Following the revelation that John Bolton withheld important information regarding Trump and Ukraine for his book, it’s clear the Senate realizes he needs to testify. Yet Republicans are still playing dumb to defend Trump, and Dahlia Lithwick wonders how far they will go. Oh, and by the way, Ken Starr is back. Meanwhile, Molly Olmstead rounds up everything that happened to our president over the weekend.

Places and spaces: Once, hip-hop was such considered such a dangerous genre that national politicians advocated for taking rap albums off record store shelves. Now, music by Biggie and the Wu-Tang Clan has become the default soundtrack for restaurants and bars populated by mostly white patrons in gentrifying cities. Music journalist Tre Johnson has witnessed this firsthand all too often, and reflects on what it means when black music becomes the soundtrack to black displacement.

For clarification: Is this year’s flu more dangerous than coronavirus?

Not too many things are “fun” these days,