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The Angle: The Restructured Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the debate, the Evil List, Donald Trump, and Jeopardy!

Exercise in absurdity: Last night, the media realized Bernie 2020 might not be so far-fetched after all, as Jim Newell writes. Josh Keating breaks down what Elizabeth Warren means when she talks about “combat troops,” and Lili Loofbourow reminds us all: It’s time to actually vote for one of these Democrats to run against Donald Trump. And if you haven’t already heard, check out the IOWA BEEF between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

But hey, who’s on trial? From Russian trolls to Twitter Nazis, racist Google results, and whatever that was with Travis Kalanick, keeping up with all the scandals in Silicon Valley can be dizzying. “Separating out the meaningful threats from the noise is hard,” writes tech editor Jonathan Fischer. That’s why we polled a group of journalists, scholars, and advocates to figure out which companies are really doing the most harm. The result is our Evil List, a delightfully digestible ranking of all the tech world’s recent ills. You can also read Cory Doctorow explain why we shouldn’t worship our Apple devices, Siva Vaidhyanathan argue that ExxonMobil is actually the worst tech company, and Ashley Feinberg and Jordan Weissmann debate whether Facebook or Amazon is worse.

Our president: Was Marie Yovanovitch, former ambassador to Ukraine, stalked by Trump-approved “goons”? Dahlia Lithwick explains and explores the very wild-to-even-consider idea that a president would hire people to harass a career diplomat from his own country.

Performance: Many people tuned in Tuesday to watch the three greatest Jeopardy! players of all time compete for the GOAT title—but have you ever wondered about the contestants who just didn’t do so hot? Dan Kois talked to Stephanie Hull, who earned the worst score ever in 2015, about her experience on the show, her continued Jeopardy! fandom, and how the internet reacts to TV events good and bad.

For fun: Happy National Hat Day!

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