The Angle

The Angle: The Smug Rule-Breakers Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the women who speak out against Trump, the best movies of 2019 and the decade, Generation Q, and the horrors of college football.

In the face of farce: The many women who have stood up against the Trump administration over the years—from Sally Yates to Karen McDougal to, now, Pamela Karlan—have often been described as speaking truth to power. But in the face of the sputtering cruelty and incompetence from the government, Dahlia Lithwick writes, the women who’ve come forward are really speaking truth to a nonsense regime—and the risks for them are all the higher for it.

Celluloid dreams: Our film critic Dana Stevens rounds out our first week of end-of-year rankings, selecting the 10 best movies of the year along with five runners-up. And as a bonus, she also combs back through an entire decade of cinema and picks her favorite movie of every year since 2010. See if any of your favorites made the lists.

Still aspirational: It’s been 15 years since the groundbreaking queer TV series The L Word first aired on Showtime. Its new revival, Generation Q, provides plenty of fan service, but it also captures how much queer culture has evolved, with a new set of young, diverse characters. Christina Cauterucci reviews the first few episodes of the new series.

Bad vs. bad: Is it better to be a college football team that flagrantly breaks the rules but wins a lot of games, or one that stringently abides by them and wins fewer games? As Ben Mathis-Lilley explains by diving into the fraught saga of Ohio State University vs. the University of Michigan, both strategies are actually bad for programs and players.

For fun: Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is an incomparable player. So Nick Greene compared him to some players.

Full disclosure: As a Michigan State grad, I’m very happy to include a piece here trashing both OSU and UMich,