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The Angle: The Holding Pattern Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on impeachment, Adam Driver, the 2010s, and “Carol of the Bells.”

Pelosi’s plan: Well, the House impeached President Donald Trump last night, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet sent the articles of impeachment on to the Senate, and she says she won’t do so until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell clarifies his plan for how to handle them. It’s a tricky gambit to try to avoid a pointless show trial. But will it work? Jeremy Stahl asks the experts.

Exit stage left: Actor Adam Driver made headlines this week for walking out of a Fresh Air interview after Terry Gross played him a clip of his performance in Marriage Story. Was he being a diva or practicing self-care? Ruth Graham thinks either take is missing the point: “we should welcome it when artists are a little weird and unpredictable.”

Storylines: It was the decade of attribution science, it was the decade of dark money. Jane C. Hu writes about the new field of research connecting climate change to extreme weather events, and Richard Hasen explores the devastating, multifarious impact of Citizens United. Check out all of our end-of-the-decade coverage here.

Shchedryk: One of the most recognizable Christmas songs is “Carol of the Bells”—except it was never supposed to be a Christmas song. The hauntingly beautiful melody, which was popularized during the first world tour of the Ukrainian National Chorus, “is a tale of musical inspiration, nationalism, and political violence,” Lydia Tomkiw writes.

For fun: We should have known Beto would grow a defeat beard.

Beard today, gone tomorrow,