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The Angle: Sex Panic Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on herpes stigma, gun control, China’s one-child policy, and a swoon-worthy romance.

Going viral: Herpes simplex virus 2 is a relatively common affliction that poses no serious health threat. So why then, does herpes carry such a pervasive stigma? Some have posited that the frenzy over the infection was created by a pharmaceutical company to sell its drugs. It’s a compelling story of corporate greed run amok, but the virus’s path from common cold sore to sexual boogeyman isn’t that simple, as L.V. Anderson explains in this week’s cover story.

Stall the revolution: The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today on a New York City gun law … that was repealed soon after SCOTUS initially took it on. That doesn’t bode well for the pro-gun justices, as Mark Joseph Stern writes, but they’ll be ready when a better case comes along.

China moms: China announced it was lifting its restrictive one-child policy just over four years ago, but the struggles and secrecy around pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing in the country continue to wreak havoc on Chinese mothers. “One of the enduring legacies of China’s birthing policies is that the country’s women are, in many ways, struggling when it comes to addressing the worries of motherhood,” writes Betsy Joles.

Burning bright: Dana Stevens raves about the new French film Portrait of a Lady on Fire, a swoon-worthy period romance about feminism, art, and feminist art: “To give away any more than the fact that the two women fall madly in love would be to deprive the viewer of Portrait of a Lady on Fire’s greatest pleasures: the stolen glances on cliffside walks, the conversations that end just as the truth is about to be spoken, the quiet contests of will over the content and meaning of that ever-changing canvas.”

For fun: What can you do to look less terrible on video conference calls?

I feel good in a cardigan, actually,