The Angle

The Angle: The Bridges Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the best TV shows of 2019, House Republicans’ Ukraine report, Scientific American’s Twitter brawl, and Sterling K. Brown’s new movie.

Overwatch: In the most recent installment of the end-of-year-roundups blitz, our TV critic Willa Paskin ranks the 10 best shows of the year, from a drama-comedy about a wealthy media empire to a glass-blowing reality competition to a story about a first-generation Muslim American, and much more.

Self-own: As the impeachment inquiry rolls on, House Republicans are still attempting to defend their president, taking the step on Monday of releasing their own report on the Ukraine goings-on to exonerate Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. The problem? The report inadvertently supports allegations of Trump’s wrongdoing, as William Saletan shows.

Tweet tweet: What happens when the fraught world of modern scientific journalism meets the battlefield of Twitter discourse? The magazine Scientific American found out recently, when an opinion piece that criticized a Twitter-famous doctor garnered outrage—and was subsequently removed from the publication’s website for muddled reasons. Susan Matthews dived into the whole brouhaha and found a much more nuanced story afoot, one that says much about the role of journalism in the social media age.

Something different: The People v. O.J. Simpson and Black Panther star Sterling K. Brown’s new film, Waves, is a little unconventional: It’s a semi-autobiographical movie by a white director (Trey Edward Shults) but with a black family cast as a stand-in for his own. Rachelle Hampton talks to Brown about the value of the film and why he decided to take on this project.

For fun: What might Baby Yoda’s first words be? A linguist speculates.

[Whispers very softly] I actually don’t think Baby Yoda is that cute,