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The Angle: The Littlest of Women Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on aliens, a new data privacy law, Iraq, and the best movie moments of the year.

Alien resurrection: We didn’t find extraterrestrials this year, but 2019 did see the U.S. government talk a lot more openly than ever before about flying saucers and other aerial mysteries. It was a year in which 2 million people RSVP’d yes to a joke-raid to joke-find aliens at Area 51 and the Navy dropped some bombs about UFOs. The truth is out there and Sarah Scoles explains why we’re all so fascinated by it.


Thanks, Cali: There’s a big change coming to every website on New Year’s Day, and we have California to thank for it. Aaron Mak explains why you’ll soon be seeing a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” button on the bottom of all your favorite sites.

Meanwhile in Iraq: The U.S. just bombed a group it fought with against ISIS. Joshua Keating explains why, and how Iraq became ground zero in the latest conflict between Iran and the U.S.

Fin: It’s time to bid adieu to our last club of the year. In the Movie Club’s final essays, Karen Han praises the unparalleled joys of the moviegoing experience, and Alison Willmore bemoans how sublime films like Atlantics get buried by the Netflix algorithm. Finally, Dana Stevens wraps everything up with a little ditty, to the tune of “My Favorite Things,” enumerating a few of her favorite scenes.

For fun: Which Little Women has the littlest women?

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