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The Angle: The Many Are Saying Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on how “people are saying things,” the new articles of impeachment, Uncut Gems, and the best music of the year.

Been hearing this a lot lately, folks: One of Donald Trump’s favorite rhetorical flourishes is claiming that “a lot of people are saying” something that he himself really believes, but doesn’t want to admit is his own version of the truth. A version of this phrase has seeped into the political discourse, with liberals claiming that even though they like one 2020 candidate, a lot of people are probably saying they like this other candidate, so people should congregate around that one instead. Dahlia Lithwick thinks that reasoning is poppycock and explains why.

Final draft: This morning, leaders of the House of Representatives officially released two articles of impeachment against the president, set to soon be voted upon by the rest of the House. For those who object to how congressional leaders went about this process, or object to the scope of the articles, Richard L. Hasen breaks down why he actually thinks Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and co. did a more than sufficient job.

Whole hog: How much of Maximum Adam Sandler can you handle? Your answer to that question will probably determine how much you like his new thriller, Uncut Gems, Dana Stevens writes. There’s a lot of hype around Sandler’s capital-A Acting here, but Stevens tells why she felt just a little differently.

Wildcard: Music critic Carl Wilson picks his 10 favorite albums and 10 favorite songs of the year, along with more than 20 bonus picks in both categories, praising selections from a wide range of artists including Gen Z stars and free-jazz players and rappers and Taylor Swift. Jam out to the most fascinating output from a very strange year, indeed.

For fun: The disappointing message from the Silicon Valley finale.

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