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The Cyclist Who Gave Trump the Finger Lost Her Job Because of It. So She Ran for Office—and Won.

Juli Briskman
Juli Briskman poses on a street in Sterling, Virginia. Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

In 2017, Juli Briskman was cycling along in the northern Virginia suburbs minding her own business when President Donald Trump’s motorcade roared past as he departed his golf club in Sterling, Virginia. As it did, Briskman shot her left hand into the air, giving Trump the middle finger. When a photographer captured the moment, the 52-year-old was suddenly a viral sensation, etching Briskman into the newly articulated ranks of the resistance. Life wasn’t all retweets and mentions for Briskman, however—she lost her marketing analyst job at the government contracting firm Akima LLC when she fessed up to being the mystery woman in the photo.


The Trump episode, and all that came in its wake, prompted Briskman to run for office for the first time. So, last year, Briskman announced her candidacy for Board of Supervisors of northern Virginia’s Loudoun County, which happens to be home to the Trump National Golf Club. On Tuesday, Briskman won the seat—beating a Republican who had occupied the seat for nearly a decade—and with it got some semblance of poetic justice.