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The Angle: The Historical Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on DONALD TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT, AGAIN, Watchmen, and Frozen 2.

The past: As impeachment ramps up, comparisons to the trials of Richard Nixon continue to animate the political imagination. But Fred Kaplan notes that there is one especially important difference between the running of Watergate and Ukrainegate that’s already preventing this week’s hearings from having the same impact. But that’s not stopping the witnesses: Fiona Hill, who testified on Thursday, quickly became a nightmare for House Republicans, relaying her stories of higher-up corruption, denouncing the spread of misinformation, and warning of Russian interference campaigns that resemble Washington-Moscow tussles of decades past.

Meanwhile, Richard L. Hasen looks ahead to the potential Senate impeachment trial and predicts what President Donald Trump will do to defend himself. And Lili Loofbourow goes into what Trump’s narcissism, which has been in full display during these past two weeks, has already cost America.

Throughline: HBO’s “remix” of the Watchmen comics features a masked character named Looking Glass, who has some compelling similarities (and very profound differences) to the comics’ antagonist Rorschach. But there’s an older comic book hero, who underwent a journey from right-wing vigilante to Zen Buddhist, who provides the basis for both these complex characters. Joe George dives into a piece of comics history that’s still shaping our storytelling today.

Making up for it: Have your kids forced you to take them to see Frozen 2 yet? If so, and if you’re confused about the film’s reparations-themed storyline (yes), allow Inkoo Kang to explain it all to you.

For fun: What will and won’t break Tesla’s new Cybertruck.

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