The Angle

The Angle: Only Villains Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Donald Trump being sued, Terminator bad guys, Qatar, and Lamar Jackson.

Prove it: E. Jean Carroll filed a defamation suit against the president in a New York court on Monday, based on remarks from Donald Trump that “smeared her integrity, honesty, and dignity” relating to rape allegations from the 1990s. The criminal case there is beyond the statute of limitations, Christina Cauterucci notes, but proving that he defamed the advice columnist may force a court to weigh the claims of her sexual assault.

Villains: Back in the ’90s, the chilling antagonist of Terminator 2 was an LAPD officer, a bold plot choice that would prove prescient as events like the Rodney King beating and the Rampart scandal followed later in the decade. In a similar vein, the newest Terminator movie, Dark Fate, likewise chooses a villain politically appropriate for the current age, as Chris Klimek analyzes.

Cool it: Reports that Qatar is now air-conditioning outdoor spaces like arenas and restaurant patios prompted the usual sanctimonious posturing from Western observers about how those people are making climate change worse for themselves. But how different is outdoor air conditioning from the outdoor heat lamps and fire pits people use in North America? Jane C. Hu argues that pointing fingers at people in 120-degree weather “obscures the real emissions culprits”: the West itself.

An unkindness: Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is the latest NFL mystery. He shredded the New England Patriots over the weekend, working with his team to hand Tom Brady and co. their first loss of the season. Nick Greene hopes Bill Belichick never figures out how to respond to Jackson’s style of play; it makes the game so much more interesting, after all.

For fun: How did Watchmen design a superhero sex toy? (Contains spoilers.)