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Democrat Andy Beshear Leads Republican Incumbent Matt Bevin in Kentucky Governor’s Race

Campaign signs seen outside of a polling precinct in Kentucky
Campaign signs can be seen as voters go to the polls in Louisville, Kentucky, on Nov. 4. John Sommers II/Getty Images

Andy Beshear, Kentucky’s Democratic state attorney general, is the “apparent winner” of the state’s gubernatorial election over incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, according to NBC. The Associated Press has yet to call the race.

Bevin, whose popularity has dropped severely among constituents, spent his campaign and tenure as governor employing tactics used by President Donald Trump. He has dragged critics on social media and insulted journalists who cover his administration critically. He was criticized for his poor handling of the state’s teacher protests—namely, blaming teachers who called out of work sick, in order to protest pension-cutting legislation, for causing the shooting of a 7-year-old child.


Bevin, who wore a blazer covered with pictures of Trump’s face at the state fair, also supported Trump’s opposition to the House impeachment inquiry and depicted his potential reelection as a way for voters to show their discontent with the investigation into the president . On Monday, Trump held a rally in Lexington in support of Bevin’s campaign.

“If you lose, they’re going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest,” said the president. “You can’t let that happen to me!”

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Beshear led Bevin, who predicted he’d win by “six to 10 percent,” by eight-tenths of a percentage point.

Correction, Nov. 5, 2019: This post originally incorrectly described the race as decided. It will be updated with the final race call.