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The Angle: The Side With the Powerful Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the impeachment hearings, the Supreme Court, and ESPN and Disney+.

Hear ye, hear ye: The first public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump are taking place today. Exciting stuff, folks! If you’re lost in the sea of characters involved here, Jeremy Stahl has laid it all out for you. William Saletan explains the GOP’s self-refuting—yet possibly successful—defense strategy on the impeachment charges. Aaron Mak investigates the pro-Trump Twitter spammers who took the time during the hearings to spread misinformation about the alleged whistleblower. And Molly Olmstead answers all the questions you may have about some of the weirder moments from the proceedings, like George Kent’s bow ties and the various Ukraine-related pronunciations. Read more of our coverage on impeachment here.

Life’s on the line: On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could determine the future of immigration enforcement—namely, how brutal Border Patrol agents are allowed to be in conducting their jobs. Mark Joseph Stern reports from the high court and finds the situation doesn’t look good for those who want to keep Customs and Border Protection in check. Stern also figures out the SCOTUS situation on preserving DACA, an effort that looks similarly doomed.

Shrill shills: If you’re an ESPN fan, you may have noticed a disproportionate amount of love stemming from the network and its pundits for Disney+, their parent company’s new streaming service. Laura Wagner takes a closer look at this “clumsy marketing blitz” and notes what it means for ESPN’s steadily vanishing journalistic integrity.

For fun: Welcome to the age of dwell time.