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The Angle: The Numbingly Competent Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the impeachment hearings, Elizabeth Warren, The Morning Show, and Jenny Slate.

Get this: With impeachment, Laura Ingraham has distinguished herself among the Fox News talking heads as the voice of snickering contempt. Where Tucker Carlson “projects earnestness” and Sean Hannity “throws rage tantrums,” Ingraham “has the laugh of an upperclassman about to give a nerd a swirly.” Read Justin Peters’ assessment of Fox News’ impeachment coverage. Plus, Dahlia Lithwick examines the Republicans’ head-spinning counternarrative, and Lili Loofbourow admires the expertise of Bill Taylor and George Kent.

Bye-bye billionaire: Unlike rival Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren won’t say she thinks “billionaires shouldn’t exist.” But if you look closely at both of their policy plans, her wealth tax would do more to cut their fortunes. Jordan Weissmann runs the numbers and points out the thin skin of the superrich.

Mediocre! Apple TV+’s The Morning Show is not good. But that’s beside the point, Willa Paskin writes. She is captivated by the meta-commentary on Jennifer Aniston’s career and delights in the show’s very badness: “It’s not great, but oh, God, is it interesting. It’s not perfect, but oh, Lord, is it watchable. It’s not very good, but hurry up, sit by me, it’s starting.”

Not this Slate: Jenny Slate has a new book out, and it’s not your typical comedian memoir. The essay collection, titled Little Weirds, is as strange and vulnerable and alive as her stand-up. This conversation between Slate and her book editor, Jean Garnett, takes you inside the writer’s mind.

For fun: Freeze-dried pets!

Might I recommend Gates of Heaven,