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The Angle: The Death Spin Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Deadspin, Elizabeth Warren’s polling, the California wildfires, and a Trump judge’s view of “free speech.”

Deadspin’s dead: After beloved sports blog Deadspin was bought by a private equity firm, its staffers found their editorial independence in danger, with their new bosses interfering with stories and telling them to “stick to sports.” The saga ended with the remaining staffers at Deadspin resigning en masse last week, leading to the end of an era. Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis talked to three former Deadspin editors about what really happened at the publication and what led to this awful situation. You can also listen to their full conversation on the latest episode of Slate’s sports podcast, Hang Up and Listen.


Numbers on the boards: New York Times polls released Monday show Elizabeth Warren trailing Donald Trump in key swing states in a possible 2020 matchup, leading many pundits as well as supporters of the “law professor from Taxachusetts” to freak out about her presidential chances and Trump’s reelection prospects. But Ben Mathis-Lilley points out one very good reason why panic over a 2016 repeat might not be warranted just yet.


Evacuating—again: What does it mean to be an evacuee? For a growing number of Californians, this is becoming an annual event. Lili Loofbourow spoke with a number of residents affected by the wildfires in Northern California, who are resilient and upbeat while still a little traumatized by last year’s fires.

Speech: Is allowing a lobbyist to avoid transparency and conduct his influencing operations anonymously a protection of the constitutional imperative of free speech? A Trump-appointed judge certainly seems to think so. Mark Joseph Stern looks into the jurisprudence of an 8th Circuit whose jurisprudence, past and present, has used the First Amendment to allow some horrifying decisions.

For fun: A song from Frozen 2 is going to take over your life much like “Let It Go” once did, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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