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The Angle: The Time to Pretend Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on hypocrisy, global protests, the Canadian elections, and a new conservative obsession.

Maybe the hypocrites were better: Since the post-WWII years, the U.S. has espoused a commitment to advocating for human rights around the world—even as it often helped support autocratic rulers and carried out regime changes. But now, prominent American figures, from our president to the commissioner of the NBA, don’t even pretend to care about purported American ideals anymore. Ben Mathis-Lilley looks back at recent history and makes the case that it was, in fact, better for us and the world when our leaders claimed to care about values, even when they barely meant it.

Enough: Across the developing world, vibrant protests are erupting in countries like Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Lebanon, and many others. These demonstrations—some of which have led to victories and government concessions—all share very similar catalysts, and they show what happens when austerity measures and global inequality take their toll. Joshua Keating explains the global situation and predicts what could happen next.

O Canada: Canada’s national elections ended on Monday with beloved-yet-scandal-plagued Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claiming a narrow victory for his party. It’s a very Canadian result: Everybody, including Trudeau’s rivals on the left and right, gained some momentum from this election, and ideological pressure may very well dictate how Trudeau’s new government rules. Ishmael N. Daro looks at how our friends in the north are doing, and what the next few years might look like.

MacGuffin: Conservative media outlets are freaking out over a supposedly “much-anticipated” FISA report that, according to fiery pundits, will lead to congressional investigations and perhaps a day of judgment for the FBI and James Comey. What is this supposedly game-changing report, and how will it actually reflect on the government? Molly Olmstead clarifies the whole thing.

For fun: How a SkyCam operator captured this year’s most thrilling NFL footage.

It’s truly the age of Peak TV,