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The Angle: Do What I Say Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Turkey, breech babies, Ohio, and Futurama.

… Turkey?: In a stunning not-twist surprising only the Trump administration, Turkey will invade/is invading northern Syria as planned—mere days after the U.S. pulled its service members out of the embattled region. And yet, as Josh Keating writes, Trump’s recent sanctions (which don’t line up with previously made statements about the conflict) must be a little perplexing to Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “Why is he being threatened and sanctioned for doing something that Trump gave him permission to do?”

Breech of promise: It’s conventional wisdom that a breech baby calls for a C-section. But is that always right? For centuries these “butt-first” babies were delivered vaginally, but most doctors these days will immediately recommend a C-section if the baby cannot be flipped. When Dr. Christine Henneberg found herself pregnant with a breech baby, she knew the data and her body, and she wanted to make that choice on her own terms. Her childbirth experience highlights the importance of trusting women to make the best decisions about their own health.

It’s almost 2020: Jim Newell has a dispatch from Ohio about whether the Buckeye State should even be important for Democrats to campaign in anymore. There was also a debate there last night! Apparently, many of the Democratic presidential candidates don’t want to use taxes to pay for social services anymore. Elizabeth Warren was finally treated like the clear front-runner last night, too. But who was the most polite little girl or boy?

But not the year 3000: If you’re looking for a show to marathon, Nitish wrote a great entry in our Gateway Episodes series about why Futurama should be it—and where you should start.

For fun: You probably mean “yuppie” and not “millennial.”

That said, this millennial-not-yuppie just got married,