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The New York Times Appears to Have Bedbugs Again

According to sources within the Times, casualties include multiple chairs.

New York Times opinion columnist Bret Stephens looks to his left.
New York Times opinion columnist Bret Stephens, who is NOT a bedbug, furrows his brow. Alex Wong/Getty Images

At the end of August, the New York Times’ Times Square headquarters was plagued by “evidence of bedbugs” on every floor of its newsroom and at least one confirmed actual bedbug. Today, it seems the troubles were just beginning. According to multiple sources inside the Times, the bedbugs appear to be back.

Several weeks ago, according to newsroom sources familiar with the chain of events, a bedbug-sniffing dog appeared near the foreign desk late one evening, resulting in a chair being taken away. Then, last night, another dog found indications of bedbug activity near the business desk, prompting yet another chair to be removed and a nearby room to be closed. A lactation room on the second floor was also allegedly shut down.


An announcement is expected to go out to the office at large soon, but as rumors crawl around the newsroom and yellow caution tape seals off doorways, staffers are expressing frustration about the lack of bedbug-related communication. We’ve reached out to the Times for confirmation on its current bedbug situation, and we will update if and when we hear back. In the meantime, if you work at the Times and know anything about the bedbug situation, please let us know.


Update, 4:27 p.m.: The New York Times sent out the following email to its New York staffers about ten minutes ago:

Dear Colleagues,

We know there has been concern in the building about bedbugs, and we wanted to give you an update.

Over the last week, there were positive readings for bedbugs in the 2nd-floor large lactation room, and in both the single lactation room (02-E4-252) and one of the wellness rooms (02-E4-254). These rooms have been closed for treatment.

Additionally, bedbug activity was detected on a chair in team room 03-P8-469. That chair was removed, the area was rechecked and received no further alerts. Out of an abundance of caution, that room is closed and will also be treated.

The following areas that employees raised concern about, were also checked and showed no signs of bedbug activity:

- Wellness Room (02-E4-253)

- Storage Room (02-C1-007)

- Conference room (03-E1-238)

- Third-floor podium, in the areas just east and south of the atrium (see Areas 8 and 9 on the wayfinding map for location)

We will provide further updates in the #all-company Slack.

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