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Today in Conservative Media: The Democrats Are Committing “Regicide”

Impeaching the president? Oh, you better believe that’s a regicide.
Fox News

On Tuesday’s episode of Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, guest Joseph diGenova described the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump as “regicide.” DiGenova, who was briefly supposed to be joining Donald Trump’s legal team last spring, went on to call the two whistleblowers who have come forward so far “suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed on the Democratic process.” Here’s the clip:


Ingraham objected to diGenova’s use of the term suicide bomber, or at least made him clarify that he meant “political suicide bombers,” but let regicide go by unremarked. The word does have a few nonstandard usages when it describes a person: It can specifically indicate participation in the trials and executions of Charles I of England or Louis XVI of France. But that doesn’t apply here, and not just because those deaths happened in 1649 and 1793, respectively. When used to describe an action, “regicide” is still considered a crime in many jurisdictions, and it has two essential elements:


1. There is a monarch.
2. That monarch ends up dead.

The most recent regicide was the murder of King Birenda of Nepal, along with seven other members of the royal family, by Nepalese Crown Prince Dipendra on June 1, 2001. Again: Birenda was the king of Nepal, and he ended up dead. Donald Trump is not a king, he is very much alive, and if the House Democrats are trying to send him to the electric chair, they’re being pretty quiet about it. Fox News opted not to post the clip of diGenova calling the whistleblowers “suicide bombers” or the moment he claimed one of them was being paid by the Democratic Party on the channel’s YouTube account, but in the clip it did post, Rudy Giuliani does a bizarre imitation of Cory Booker while diGenova asserts that the Democrats are trying to “nullify an election, commit regicide, and remove the president of the United States,” calls Adam Schiff “bug-eyed,” and describes Nancy Pelosi as “trying to keep her dentures in.” Here’s the official segment, apparently the least embarrassing nine minutes and 31 seconds from Tuesday night’s episode of The Ingraham Angle:


In other news, here is an interesting recording of the Limonaire 1900, a fairground organ built at the turn of the last century by the Limonaire Frères of Paris, performing Julius Fučik’s “Entrance of the Gladiators.” Painstakingly restored in the 1960s, the organ is currently on display at the Hall of Halls, a museum in Moegi Village, Hokuto, Japan. Listen to this ingenious vintage instrument and marvel at how melodic a sound expert European craftsmanship can produce, especially when compared with the familiar blustery hoopla of fairground organs from American manufacturers like Wurlitzer:


No one could build a fairground organ like the Limonaire Frères! Anyway, here are Joseph diGenova’s comments on the issue of whether a congressional impeachment inquiry counts as “regicide” as well as Laura Ingraham’s comments on the issue of whether you should complain to her about diGenova calling the whistleblowers “suicide bombers”:

Joseph diGenova: Well, what you’re seeing is regicide. This is regicide by another name: fake impeachment. The Democrats in the House want to destroy the president. They don’t want to preserve the republic. There’s nothing honorable about what is happening—this is a despicable abuse of constitutional power. If they had, on the floor, a vote to establish an impeachment inquiry, that would give the Democrats subpoena power. But the Democrats aren’t doing that. They want to deny them subpoena power. So what do we get? We get first one anonymous informant, then a second anonymous informant—I refuse to call them “whistleblowers”—these two nonentities are suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed on the democratic process. They actually think that the American people are going to accept having people testify secretly without anybody knowing who they are, where they worked, what their party affiliation was, whom they conspired with. It’s pretty obvious that this first suicide bomber who sent that complaint to the inspector general was a paid Democratic operative of the Democratic Party.

Laura Ingraham: You mean political suicide bomber, obviously, before we start getting people with messages [like] “Oh, he really meant suicide.” Get a sense of humor, OK? If you still think that then you really should watch another show where we have to spell it all out for you.

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