The Angle

The Angle: The Powerless Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on California’s pending blackouts, Open Skies, the Nobel Peace Prize, and Hearthstone.

Power: You might not have heard about it, but in California, the same electric utility responsible for several of the state’s worst wildfires in recent years is now shutting off power for millions of residents this week—in order to avoid yet another disaster. But this is no solution, for it only stands to make life much more unpredictable for Californians. From the West Coast, April Glaser reports on the state’s newest disaster.

Close the skies: The president is trying to undo U.S. participation in the Open Skies Treaty, probably because John Bolton wanted him to (before he left the administration). As Fred Kaplan writes, Trump’s completely unexpected decision involved signing “a document expressing an intent to withdraw from what must be the least controversial arms-control treaty on the books.”

Nobel ???: The parameters for winning the Nobel Peace Prize have become more fluid since its inception, and it’s completely unclear which of the reported 301 nominees will be announced as the recipient on Friday. Josh Keating breaks down some of the ways the committee could head.

#BoycottBlizzard: A professional Hearthstone player was banned by Blizzard Entertainment, the American company behind the game and its pro league, for supporting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. I wrote about the situation and why Blizzard probably decided to do it this way.

For fun: How do you destroy $5 million in guns?

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