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The Angle: The Separation Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on North Carolina’s gerrymander, protests in Barcelona, criminal justice for sexual assault, and the DOJ’s impeachment stalling.

Kill the gerrymander: On Monday, a state court ruled that North Carolina’s congressional map violates the state constitution and cannot be used in the 2020 elections. It’s a big victory for voting rights, but it’s only the first step in building the infrastructure for fairer elections, Mark Joseph Stern writes.

The Spanish “Tsunami”: Protests in Barcelona broke out in recent weeks after several prominent politicians from Catalonia were convicted of sedition and misuse of public funds. The latest wave, however, seems to be stewarded by a new anonymous collective called Tsunami Democrátic. Darren Loucaides interviewed the group about its aims and nonviolent tactics—which led to a violent law enforcement response.

What justice: When sexual assault survivors go public with their allegations, skeptics tend to ask why they didn’t just go to the police. But as too many of these survivors know, the criminal justice system often deliberately downplays their cases and fails to get them the recourse they deserve. Christina Cauterucci examines two recent works—the Netflix series Unbelievable and Chanel Miller’s memoir, Know My Name—that get into why and how this happens.

Stalling: Last week, a federal district judge ordered the Department of Justice to turn over the remaining redacted materials of the Mueller report to Congress this week. The DOJ is appealing the decision and has requested a stay, but at this point, all it can do is try to run out the impeachment clock. And this gambit might not work, Jeremy Stahl explains.

For fun: Werner Herzog says something funny in the trailer for the new Star Wars show.

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