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The Angle: Trial by Senate Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on impeachment trials, Trump’s environmental policy, asylum, and Motherless Brooklyn.

Protector Roberts: Should President Donald Trump be impeached by the House, things then move to the Senate, where senators serve as jurors in an impeachment trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to move any trial along quickly, hoping to wrap it up as soon as Christmas. But it might not be up to him. According to the Constitution, Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over any trials. Roberts, committed to professionalism and constitutional principles, isn’t likely to let a sham trial slide, suggests Bruce Ackerman.

Big little lies: Trump suddenly seems to care about pollution, unleashing a batch of environmental sanctions that coincidentally punish California. It’s the latest attempt by the administration to test the limits of truth in government. Will the courts see through the lies? Leah Litman digs in.

Tranquilo: Novelist Jami Attenberg normally spends her early mornings walking her dog and scrolling through Twitter, but on one recent occasion, she rose at dawn to drive an asylum-seeker who had just been released from ICE custody to the airport to help him on his way toward being reunited with family. “I thought if he can walk 2,000 miles, while protecting the lives of two children, then surely someone like me could get up at dawn to drive to the other side of Lake Pontchartrain,” Attenberg writes, as she meditates on the morning spent traveling through southern Louisiana in her station wagon with a stranger.

Bridge and tunnel: In Motherless Brooklyn, a film adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel of the same name, director and star Edward Norton doubles down on the idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely. León Krauze sees the ruthlessness of New York City master builder Robert Moses in the political boss played by Alec Baldwin—and the journalistic persistence of Robert Caro, Moses’ biographer in the landmark book The Power Broker, in the detective played by Norton.

For fun: Ashley Feinberg found Mitt Romney’s secret Twitter account.

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