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America Came Together to Boo Donald Trump at the World Series

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Lindsey Graham, and others clapping during Game Five of the 2019 World Series at Nationals Park in Washington on Oct. 27.
Please clap. Win McNamee/Getty Images

President Donald Trump attended Game 5 of the World Series in Washington on Sunday night, giving a crowd of patriotic Americans enjoying our national pastime an unexpected opportunity to let their president know exactly what they thought of him. They did. The president’s attendance was announced during a salute to the troops after the third inning of the game between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros, and when he appeared on the Jumbotron, the crowd erupted into thunderous boos, later chanting, “Lock him up!” The Oscars are still a long way off, but this is clearly the feel-good movie of the year:

Can we see that from another angle?

How about a shot of Trump slowly realizing he’s being booed on the same day he announced the death of the leader of ISIS? Do we have one of those?

It’s Schadenfreude Christmas, apparently! So does Schadenfreude Santa have any footage of the crowd chanting “Lock him up?” Well, let’s just say it looks like you’ve been very good:

So what about big signs urging the president’s impeachment? Did anyone bring those?

It’s probably too much to hope that someone camped out behind home plate with a sign reading “VETERANS FOR IMPEACHMENT,” though, right?

Social media has been celebrating Trump’s reception at the World Series all night, where Ben Rothenberg pointed out that it’s not the first time Trump has been booed at a sporting event. In 2015, after Trump had announced his candidacy but before he’d started ruining the planet in earnest, he got a similarly warm reception when he appeared on the Jumbotron at the U.S. Open.

Trump reportedly headed out before tonight’s game was finished. It’d almost be enough to make you believe the world was headed in the right direction, if not for the fact that in a world headed anywhere near the right direction, Donald Trump would not be getting booed at the World Series, because in that world Donald Trump would not be attending the World Series, because in that world Donald Trump would never have gotten anywhere near political power. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world, but after years of horrifying footage of people wildly cheering Trump’s deranged rambling at his rallies, it’s reassuring—restorative, even!—to know that the rest of the country hasn’t forgotten how to greet tyrants. Home run, America.