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The Angle: The Exaggerations Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Andrew Yang, ISIS, the Supreme Court and trans rights, and another impeachable offense.

Dude, just stop: Andrew Yang has premised his campaign on making cheap Asian American jokes and terrifying his followers with the prospect of a future where the automation that he’s claimed has destroyed millions of American jobs over the past decades will further obliterate the job market. But Jordan Weissmann notes that the evidence Yang cites for this isn’t quite sound—and that he’s making automation a lazy straw man instead of addressing what’s really devastated American livelihoods.

Don’t call it a comeback: Trump’s betrayal of the Syrian Kurds, who helped us in the fight against ISIS, has brought fears that the caliphate could make a resurgence, with many of its sympathizers freed from Kurdish detention and one of its key enemies fighting for its own survival against the Turkish military. But Daniel Byman explains why we shouldn’t expect ISIS to rebound just yet.

Precedents: Last week the Supreme Court showed an appalling lack of understanding of transgender people during oral arguments in the case of Aimee Stephens, who was fired for being trans. Stephens’ counsel framed her as “an ‘insufficiently masculine’ man who was fired for not adhering to male stereotypes” instead of asserting her right to live authentically as a woman. Attorney Alexander Chen argues that this was a missed opportunity to make a broader case for trans rights and that SCOTUS’ ignorance could lead to a legal catastrophe.

Clauses: As if the current Ukraine investigations and subsequent revelations weren’t enough for serious impeachment consideration—and they are—another recent, separate Trump deed warrants an impeachment investigation all its own, Mark Joseph Stern writes. It has to do with Trump’s golf resorts, the G-7, and Florida.

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