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The Angle: The Sweeping History Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the intelligence whistleblower case, climate protests, the nonexistent British constitution, and a new border crisis.

Intelgate: Earlier this week, an intelligence official filed a whistleblower’s complaint alleging that President Donald Trump withheld authorized aid to Ukraine as a tactic to get the country’s president to investigate Joe Biden. Now, the Justice Department is refusing to let Congress see this complaint. Fred Kaplan breaks down the charges and ensuing actions that could be leading to the most serious clash over congressional oversight since Watergate.

Grass roots: Today, millions of citizens around the world are taking to the streets to participate in the Global Climate Strike, demanding immediate action from governments and corporations to curb carbon emissions and save human civilization. Molly Olmstead rounded up photos of the best protest signs from several countries. Diana Schoder explains why it’s so important to not fall into pessimism and instead take action when considering the uncertain future. And April Glaser reports on how Amazon’s climate-striking employees provided an example for other tech workers hoping to stand up for climate action.

Write it down: One way this whole Brexit mess—and all the other catastrophes that have ensued along with it—could have been mitigating? If Britain had, you know, a written constitution. Brits tend to be proud of their thin-air constitutional infrastructure, but Danny Li thinks that they should probably reconsider this. Meanwhile, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson just got devastatingly owned by Luxembourg’s prime minister. There may be shame left in this world.

Another type of “remain” campaign: It’s not been in the news as much lately, but the migrant crisis at the southern border is still going on, thanks to President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” campaign. And the Mexican government, fearful of a trade war with the U.S., is cooperating with Trump’s punitive immigration enforcement, agreeing to keep pending asylum-seekers to the U.S. within Mexico’s borders in one of the most dangerous parts of the country. León Krauze goes deep on this recent, large-scale immigration tragedy.

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