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Sean Spicer’s Wardrobe on Dancing With the Stars Isn’t Sufficient Payback for His Sins, but It’s a Start

Former White House frontman Sean Spicer took his place in the pantheon of American has-beens with his debut on Dancing With the Stars Monday night. Spicer—whose inclusion on the middle-aged, middle America reality show was controversial to start with—didn’t … umm … hold back during his performance. Spicer—wearing a neon-green blouse?—banged drums to the Spice Girls hit “Spice Up Your Life,” all the while looking super-duper psyched to be there. You’d like to think it was one small dollop of cosmic payback from the show’s producers. It’s not enough to compensate for Spicer’s litany of sins, of course, but it made him look even more ridiculous—even for a minute—and somehow, that helps.