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Sean Hannity Email Accuses Democrats of Covering Up the Cure for Cancer

Hannity, speaking at a lectern marked by the presidential seal, gestures excitedly.
Sean Hannity speaks at a Trump rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Nov. 5. Carlos Barria/Reuters

The folks at Media Matters who monitor Fox News all the time, so the rest of us don’t have to, found a good one on Thursday: a “sponsored message,” sent to Sean Hannity’s mass email list, which accuses Democrats of covering up the existence of an all-natural cancer-curing substance called “Corbisin” that costs “pennies per dose” and has been suppressed since 1985. The email:

Did Democrats cover up the TRUE remedy for cancer?

Only 1 retired Government M.D. knows the truth…

And, today, he’s exposing EVERYONE involved.

Watch his SCATHING video here.


P.S. Your jaw will hit the floor when he starts naming names. (I’m talking about some REAL liberal “saints”…) See it here.


In the video, which is transcribed here, a man identified as Dr. Marc Micozzi discusses Corbisin’s potency, explains that Big Pharma has kept it secret for years with the help of Democrats like Hillary Clinton because it can’t be patented, and promises to send information about Corbisin and a number of other secret disease cures to anyone who subscribes to his “insider” newsletter, which is advertised as costing $37–$74 a year.

At an Aug. 1 rally in Cincinnati, meanwhile, Donald Trump announced that the United States would be “curing childhood cancer very shortly,” sourcing that expectation to “things” that “they” have showed him.

Does Donald Trump subscribe to Dr. Marc Micozzi’s miracle cure insider newsletter—and does he love our country enough to ruin Micozzi’s revenue model by declassifying Corbisin secrets in an election-year surprise?