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The Angle: The Quitters Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on John Bolton, free speech and abortion, and vaping.

Boltin’! The Trump administration’s war-hungry Dubya-era-holdover, John Bolton, is no longer the country’s national security adviser. Even though he’s the third such person to leave the position during Trump’s tenure, Fred Kaplan is here to assure you that Bolton’s departure is great news. Some Democrats are saying the opposite, though, for some reason, and so Jim Newell explains why they should feel free to say it’s good that he’s gone.


Lying liars: This year alone, as part of the red-state clampdown on abortion rights, five states have passed laws forcing doctors to tell patients the untruth that medical abortions can be reversed. But one of those states, North Dakota, had its version of the law struck down in federal court. Mark Joseph Stern explains what this ruling means for free speech and abortion—as well as what judicial rulings could happen next.

Up in smoke: In response to the epidemic of illnesses possibly linked to vaping, a prominent senator has called for the FDA to ban all e-cigarettes within 10 days. Jacob Grier explains why this well-meaning directive is misguided: For many reasons, it would be detrimental to human health and might play right into the hands of Big Tobacco.

For fun: Hold on—was John Bolton fired, or did he resign?

Folks, when you’re blocked from waging your war in the Middle East, you might as well wage it against your former boss on Twitter,