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The Best Signs From the Global Climate Strike

A group of girls chant and hold up signs.
Protesters chant in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Carsten Koall/Getty Images

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Millions of people in cities around the world took to the streets Friday to call for immediate climate action. A large portion of those protesters are teenagers and schoolchildren, inspired in part by the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, whose group, Fridays for Future, led students to skip school on Fridays to go on strike. Thunberg, who is now 16, has said that more than 4,600 events in nearly 140 countries had been scheduled for this week’s climate strike. The event appears to have grown even more than anticipated, and more than 150 countries have reportedly seen climate events.


Here are some of the best signs from Friday’s march.

Demands for a Future
It’s no surprise that young marchers’ frustration and anger over the complacency of older generations powered much of the movement. On Friday, those young people made it clear they don’t plan to stop fighting for their own say.

Two girls hold a sign that says "Denied a vote, denied a say, now denied a future."
Protesters in London. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Filipino students stand over a sign that says "I am ditching school because you our ditching our future."
Filipino students in Quezon city in Philippines. Ezra Acayan/Getty Images
A girl lies on the ground, under a sign that says "you will die of old age, we will die of climate change."
Thai protesters participating in a “die-in” in Bangkok. Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

Pleas From the Very Young
Some of the most powerful signs on Friday came from the youngest protesters.

A baby in a stroller holds a sign with a drawing of Earth. The sign reads, "Mummy, can we keep it?"
The climate strike rally in Sydney. Jenny Evans/Getty Images
An Indonesian child holds a placard that says "there is no planet b."
An Indonesian child joins the rally in Surabaya. Juni Kriswanto/Getty Images

Thanks to Greta
Thunberg, the hero of the movement, was invoked often as a rallying cry for action.

A young girl on a bridge holds a sign saying "#I'mWithGreta"
Young climate protesters in Sydney. Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

No Thanks to Donald
While he wasn’t the only politician targeted by the signs, President Donald Trump was a subject of anger in derision in more than just the U.S. marches.

A student holds up a sign that says "you can't comb over climate change."
A student at Foley Square in New York. Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

Marching in Costume
A number of protesters got into character to deliver their message.

Children react as a man dressed as a dinosaur  carries a banner that says "extinciton sucks! trust me"
The rally in Sydney. Jenny Evans/Getty Images

Anger Through Comedy
The situation may be serious, but some brought some (righteously angry) humor to the scene.

Students shout while one holds a sign saying "this is not what we meant by hot girl summer."
Students in Sydney. Jenny Evans/Getty Images
A girl holds a sign featuring the "This is fine"comic panel, featuring a dog sitting in a burning room. The caption has replaced "this is fine" with "this is fucked."
Protesters in Brisbane, Australia. Glenn Hunt/Getty Images

Telling It Like It Is
The point of the day was to remind lawmakers that climate change calls for urgent action. Children and teenagers delivered with a mix of innocent politeness and gleeful vulgarity, but the point was the same: We’re here because you’re not doing enough.

A young protester holds a sign that says "you stop being rubbish and we'll stop bothering you."
Young protesters in Sydney. Brook Mitchell/Getty Images
A girl holds a sign that says "this planet needs you to give a shit."
Thai protesters stage in a “die-in” in Bangkok. Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images