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The Angle: The Peaches Come From a Can Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the president of the United States of America, unionization, and the Associated Press Stylebook.

They were put there by a man: It’s finally, maybe happening?! Pretty much right after we sent yesterday’s Angle, Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry after more news about the president’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky surfaced. But what is that? Jim Newell has more on what it does (and doesn’t) mean. Aaron Mak wrote a step-by-step “How to Impeach” guide, and Molly Olmstead dove into what the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” entails.


Today, it’s been nonstop. The White House released a transcript of the call, but according to Fred Kaplan, it’s not exactly a transcript. Aaron came back with all the compliments the Ukrainian president levied at Trump. Jeremy Stahl isolated five potential articles of impeachment just from the “transcript” itself. Meanwhile, Josephine Wolff has a refresher on just what Trump was talking about when he mentioned CrowdStrike.


Oh, and Republicans are already flubbing the talking points the White House gave them—which were accidentally sent to Democrats, too. Ashley Feinberg has the receipts.

Do you want to read even more about impeachment? We have it.

In a factory downtown: In Pittsburgh, a group of contractors with Google recently voted to unionize—the first time white-collar tech workers have ever done so. April Glaser goes into why this move is so significant and also explains what this situation reveals about the tech industry’s employment problem.

If I had my little way: Grammar nerds keep getting really, really mad with the Associated Press and its stylebook. But they’re wrong, and Seth Maxon can explain why. And AP, if you’re reading this, please change fan art and fan fiction to match fanboy and fanzine!

For fun: The Jurassic Park leads are coming back for Jurassic Park 3.

Actually, I’m allergic to peaches,