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The Angle: The American Experiment Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Democratic debate, Kickstarter’s union busting, and Hustlers.

Fight, fight, fight: The third round of the Democratic debates aired last night, with a (thankfully) smaller pick of nominees jousting over the issues important to the future of this country. How did it go this time? We assessed: Jim Newell explained why the much-anticipated rumble between the three front-runners wasn’t quite that, Ben Mathis-Lilley thinks there’s a better way Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren could have talked about their health care plans, Christina Cauterucci bemoaned how little the candidates discussed issues that disproportionately affect women, and Justin Peters thought the ABC moderators did a pretty good job (really!). Some highlights: Julián Castro’s barbs with Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke’s emphatic answer on gun control, a bizarre ad comparing AOC to the Khmer Rouge, and Joe Biden’s word salad.

Kickstarting solidarity: After an incident where management bowed to pressure to cancel a crowdfunding campaign for a comic book about punching Nazis, Kickstarter’s employees started to discuss organizing a union, and made decent headway into creating the first-ever white-collar union in a major tech company. Yet, as April Glaser reports, management did not welcome the effort, and key organizers have been fired recently. Glaser’s report looks into what happens when tech workers express solidarity.

Hustlers, that’s if you’re still livin’: The new movie Hustlers, a star-studded affair based on the story of dancers who Robin Hooded money from their rich patrons after the Great Recession, hits theaters today. Inkoo Kang marvels at how the film’s female-friendship plotline puts other “girl power” movies to shame, and Rachelle Hampton examines how true Hustlers is to the real-life events that inspired it.

For fun: Wait … did Tiger Woods star in an episode of American Gladiators as a teen?

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