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The Angle: The Save the Children Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the smallest moment of Trump’s presidency, Betsy DeVos’ anti-trans policy, One Child Nation, and Ferguson.

The picture says it all: Following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, our president tweeted some conspiracy theories, visited a hospital to brag about crowd sizes, and complained about not getting credit for his “compassion.” But it was one particular photo-op, Dahlia Lithwick writes, that made for his most pathetic display during this period of tragedy, and the smallest moment of this presidency to date.

Running from justice: On Thursday, the Department of Education opened a civil rights investigation—into a Connecticut school that provides equal treatment for its transgender athletes. A new lawsuit is alleging that equal participation of trans students amounts to discrimination of other students, and Betsy DeVos is the kind of person who might agree with that ridiculous argument, Mark Joseph Stern writes.

The unjustifiable: One Child Nation doesn’t shy away from the cruelties of China’s long-standing one-child policy, “one of the largest and most extreme social engineering projects of the last century.” But, as Inkoo Kang writes in her review, it might focus on the country’s woes as being overly singular in their aims, despite the reality that “the ’70s, in particular, were in the grip of global Malthusian anxieties about overpopulation, especially in developing nations.”

Don’t shoot: Our daily news podcast, What Next, released the third episode of its series revisiting the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri, from five years ago. Mary Harris talks to Wesley Bell, St. Louis County’s first black prosecutor, who was there when the riots started to burst and who was galvanized to reform the St. Louis criminal justice system. If you missed yesterday’s episode, where Harris talked to John McWhorter about how the narrative of Ferguson differed from what happened, read a transcript here. Meanwhile, civil rights lawyer Thomas B. Harvey examines whether America has actually made any progress in the years since Michael Brown’s death.

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