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Past, Future MAGA Enthusiast Sarah Sanders Seeks Work With Clinton-Connected Multinational Consulting Firm

Sanders, wearing a light sweater, speaks into a cluster of microphones, with trees in the background.
Sarah Sanders outside the White House on May 23. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders’ tenure was marked by the themes that her ex-boss Donald Trump has cultivated during his years in, uh, public service: bogus, panic-stoking claims about foreign threats; attacks on the purportedly corrupt “swamp” in Washington and/or the Clintons; whining about being the victim of elitist coastal snobs; and constant posturing about putting America First. Sanders is reportedly considering a 2022 run for governor in Arkansas, and her campaign would no doubt lean heavily on these red state–friendly MAGA themes. For his part, Trump has already given her a preendorsement, and a personal website she launched recently is saturated with photos of Sanders and the current president.


In the meantime, though, Politico reports, Sanders is looking for work—and not, as you might expect given the above, at an Ozarks-based firm that makes coal, guns, and naked-lady mudflaps, but with the management consulting company Teneo.



• Was co-founded by Doug Band, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton and once employed Clinton as an adviser.

• Once employed top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

• Was accused by Chelsea Clinton herself of improper attempts to sell influence via the Clinton Foundation.

• Is owned abroad and works primarily with multinational corporate clients like Dow Chemical, Coca-Cola, and General Electric.

• Is loaded up with revolving-door D.C. establishment swamp figures like Band, former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Harvey Pitt, and former Sen. George Mitchell.


• Has its headquarters on Park Avenue in New York City.

It’s heartening to know that while the rest of America tears itself apart over political, ethical, and moral differences, the transnational corporate consulting business holds onto its belief in the power, or usefulness, of coming together in bipartisan fashion to give Coca-Cola “strategic advice” for $1,000 an hour. And if someone like Sanders, whose demeanor at the White House podium was so bitter and tribalistic, can see a world where people with opposing records can work together, for money, until such time as it becomes necessary to deliver resentful stump speeches about “real Americans” to all-white crowds in Fayetteville, then is there possibly hope for the rest of us?

Ah, actually—I’m informed that there is not hope for the rest of us because we can’t do back-channel favors for Mohammed bin Salman by contacting our former administration colleagues via WhatsApp. As you were, everyone.