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The Angle: The Vanishing Adults Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the aftermath of ICE raids, Dartmouth’s sexual harassment scandal, global borders, and Christian Pulisic.

A town without parents: The community where 680 factor workers were arrested by ICE in Mississippi earlier this month is struggling to cope with the missing people and the mounting fears. Henry Grabar reports from Forest, Mississippi, on the “apocalyptic” atmosphere as neighbors become makeshift babysitters and residents remain on edge.

Victimhood and strength: So many of the women who have come forward as part of the #MeToo movement feel they have to do so selflessly—out of a desire to prevent others from being harmed the way they were. Susan Matthews sees a new way forward, one that strives not just to punish the perpetrators but to also help make victims whole, in a recent class-action suit against Dartmouth.

Borderline: The U.S. isn’t the only country enforcing its borders and imposing strict standards for citizenship: Hong Kong is currently fighting for its autonomy, and millions of Indian citizens are facing mass displacement. But it’s not just authoritarian power grabs that are fueling this unrest—rather, it’s the product of a worldview that has determined global borders for a century. Joshua Keating explains what’s driving the new world order.

Priced out: Is soccer phenom Christian Pulisic worth $73 million? That’s the question that’s been hanging over the American 20-year-old during his first week playing in the Premier League. This expectations game is all a bit unfair, argues Eric Betts. In the end, “Pulisic’s success at Chelsea will have as much to do with Chelsea as it does with Pulisic.”

For fun: Which has more star power, 1994’s Little Women or Greta Gerwig’s forthcoming adaptation?

Would not want to go against Meryl Streep,