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Justice Department Sent Immigration Judges Anti-Semitic Blog Post From White Nationalist Hate Group

The Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. on April 18, 2019.
The Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. on April 18, 2019. CHANDAN KHANNA/Getty Images

Sometimes, amidst the avalanche of historic pettiness and cruelty, it’s easy to forget the historic incompetence of the Trump White House. Spelling mistakes, general know-nothingness, and sundry amateurishness radiates out from the most important office in the land. Much of it’s malign, even more of it is just dumb. The ineptitude, of course, starts at the top. But it doesn’t end there. The latest example of an entire administration being functionally in over its head comes from the Justice Department, which, BuzzFeed News reports, managed to send out a white nationalist blog post—from a hate group no less—in its daily immigration news roundup that is distributed to hundreds of immigration court employees, including immigration judges.

The post, which came from Vdare, a well-known repository for hate speech, targets immigration judges by name, using photos and anti-Semitic slurs. “The post features links and content that directly attacks sitting Immigration Judges with racial and ethnically tinged slurs and the label ‘Kritarch,’” Judge Ashley Tabaddor, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, said in a letter to the head of the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review. “VDare’s use of the term in a pejorative manner casts Jewish history in a negative light as an Anti-Semitic trope of Jews seeking power and control.”

“Monday was far from the first time the office’s daily briefing has included questionable content, said immigration attorney Matthew Hoppock, who writes about the EOIR and has researched the office’s morning newsletter,” the Washington Post notes. “In April, Hoppock published every EOIR briefing since September 2018, which he received after submitting Freedom of Information Act requests. He said he was appalled at how many stories from right-wing websites the Daily Caller and Breitbart News were included.”

A DOJ spokesperson said the daily news briefing, which includes as many as two dozen pages of immigration-related news items, is provided by an outside contractor, the firm TechMIS. But, for the record, “the Department of Justice condemns Anti-Semitism in the strongest terms,” a spokesperson said. Oh.