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The Angle: Revisionist Greenland Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the president’s most recent doings, the 1619 Project, and a history of peeing in video games.

Not for sale: The president was interested in purchasing Greenland. Denmark, which owns the autonomous territory, said no. So the president canceled a scheduled trip, which probably should’ve been about something other than buying Greenland (which is not, and has not been, for sale). Fred Kaplan sums up the whole thing in this sentence: “One implication of this head-spinning tale is that Trump has not even remotely begun to make the transition from real-estate magnate to statesman.”

Sigh: Dahlia Lithwick wrote about Donald Trump’s Tuesday press conference, in which he suggested that Jewish voters who vote Democratic show “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” As Dahlia writes, “Much as one tries to tune out his racist nonsense, sometimes it is impossible.”

History repeats itself: Many conservatives are very angry about the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, an ambitious special issue that aims to center the story of slavery in American history. This sort of backlash against a view of U.S. history that isn’t 100 percent celebratory isn’t really new, writes Rebecca Onion. Conservatives have been waging a war on so-called revisionist history for decades now.

For fun: This is a history of peeing in video games.

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