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The Angle: The Different Conclusions Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on right-wing violence, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, trigger warnings, and the president’s feelings on crypto.

Mobilized: Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy and ascended to the presidency, right-wing violence committed against marginalized communities has risen and continues to do so. These right-wing terrorists have been empowered by, and are devoted to, a president who dismisses the threat they represent. And it could still get worse—Daniel Byman explains why right-wing violence in the U.S. could continue even if Trump is defeated in 2020.

“Never again”: When the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum rejected all comparisons of atrocities past and present to the Holocaust, it made a big mistake, historian and author Timothy Snyder claims. He makes the case for why historical analogies—especially to the Holocaust—are essential and explains that the brutal events of Nazi Germany are not so different from the horrors happening to migrants detained at the Southern border, concluding that the museum’s statement is providing cover for modern cruelty.

Live without warning: Shannon Palus has long defended trigger warnings against their many detractors, and when she saw a new study calling them infective, her gut reaction was to reject it. But as she dug further into that research and what’s come before it, she began to think that the warnings aren’t just useless, but harmful. Find out what convinced her.

Crypto rules everything around me: In a recent series of tweets, Trump dismissed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, claiming he is “not a fan” and prefers that the dollar remain the world’s dominant currency. This disappointed some of the more conservative members of the crypto community, who wish to change the president’s mind. Aaron Mak talked to a crypto attorney—who happens to own an American flag cape that he wears every morning—about the president, Bitcoin, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, and the political ideologies of crypto enthusiasts.

For fun: Why speedrunning is the best way to play video games.

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