The Angle

The Angle: A Most Restful Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the NRA, the moon landing, the New Hampshire poet laureate, and The Farewell.

Internecine warfare: A leaked email from former NRA President Marion Hammer reveals growing turmoil within the organization after the failed coup against Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre in April. Several board members now claim they’ve lost committee assignments in retaliation for challenging NRA leadership and spending practices. Jeremy Stahl sorts through the chaos.

One giant leap: Saturday is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which some consider the greatest scientific achievement in human history and others consider … a gigantic hoax penetrating all levels of U.S. government. Author Mark Jacobson remembers watching the event in 1969 and meditates on the persistence of conspiracy theories and his own belief in human ingenuity.

Poetry slam: The New Hampshire poetry community is in an uproar over Gov. Chris Sununu’s baffling pick for state poet laureate: Daniel Thomas Moran, a retired dentist and self-published poet perhaps best known for “White on Rice,” a doggerel about wanting to have sex with Condoleezza Rice on Air Force One. Ruth Graham has the whole bizarre story.

High fidelity: Lulu Wang’s new film The Farewell is based on a true story: her Chinese American family’s elaborate efforts to hide her grandmother’s terminal cancer diagnosis from her, to spare her the pain and anguish in her last days. Inkoo Kang talks with Wang about why she chose to hew so close to her real life and eschew the manufactured “stakes” of Hollywood tropes.

For fun: The New Yorker tote bag is bad.

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