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Here’s a Video of What Young Trump Looked Like on the Prowl With Jeffrey Epstein

NBC News unearthed a video Wednesday of President Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein at a 1992 party at Mar-a-Lago. The network shot the footage decades ago for a talk show profile on Trump, who was newly divorced at the time. It’s hard to know exactly what Trump and Epstein are discussing, but on the whole the video certainly doesn’t look good. The relationship between Epstein, now facing a host of charges of child sex trafficking, is, of course, an unsavory one. But the video doesn’t really tell us all that much we don’t already know on that front; it’s well established that Trump and Epstein were once friends but then had a falling out. What is revealing—and unsettling—about the video is the images of Trump on the prowl. Surrounded by Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, Trump dances, flirts, and gropes women on the dance floor, occasionally retreating to the sidelines with Epstein to size up the women. It gives you some sense of what it might feel like to be in Trump’s crosshairs.